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Multispeed rotary tiller with incomparable quality/price ratio, designed for people that require an extremely reliable product, suitable for horticulture and gardening.

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Product Related to Soil Cultivation/Rotary Tiller/Weeder/Rotary Tiller/Rotavator {Tractor Operated}
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Duo-cone sealing system and O-ring 

The sealing system on the Virat model guarantees great reliability with no maintenance 

A metal Duo-cone sealing on the rotor hub supports oil bath lubrication and longer life. 

With this sealing system the rotarly tiller is designed to work in water or ver dusty conditions with the best protection for bearings. 

The O-ring seal, instead of paper helps to match the best isolation and makes mainenance easier. 


Benefits of the Duo-Cone sealing system: 

  • Sealing is kept by 2 hardened metal rings, recified and lapped 
  • Oil bath lubrication 
  • No wear on hub surface 
  • Perfect sealing if submerged in water 
  • Improved sealing against dust due to the oil film between the two lapped surfaces


  • Strong structure
  • Universal 3 point hitch CAT 2
  • New improved multispeed gearbox 540rpm
  • Heavy duty bearings 
  • Side gear transmission in oil bath
  • High qualit pushing rods with handles
  • Duo-cone sealing system with no maintenance required
  • 6 blades per flange 

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