Straw Reaper

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- It has a robust integrated body design for long-life. - The straw reaper comes with patented auger assembly. - It comes with patented thresher assembly. - Spring-loaded sheet metal clamps for propeller shaft & exhaust pipe. - Stone trap tray, safety cover on all the moving parts. - During working in the field, the safety alarm keeps an operator alert. - Equipped with Grain storage tank. - Pullies with the bush.

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Description` JSR_57"
Main Drive Gear Drive
Working Width(mm) 2080
Tractor Power(HP) 50 HP (Min)
Thresher Dia 20"
Thresher Blades 288
No.of Blade in Basket 35
Cutter Bar Size 7 Ft.
wheel Size 7.00X19-10PR
No. of Blowers 2
Weight (Kg.Approx.) 1820
Overall Dimension(mm)  
Length X Width X Height 3710 X 2460 X 2110 
Thresher (Main) @ 540 650 rpm. (With pulley 12"-10")
Blower Fan 1290 rpm.
Guide Drum 810 rpm.


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