DASMESH 517 - Straw Reaper

Product Code #PRO_00698

Operated by tractor PTO has cutter bar reel, feeding auger and bruising cylinder like a traditional thresher. Straw thrown and stubble left by the grain combine is collected by straw combine and delivered to the cylinder concave section, where it is cut into pieces and passed through the concave. A reciprocating cutter bar is used for reaping the standing stubbles and the portion of the straw left uncut by the combine harvester. Straw, which passes through the concave, is aspirated by a blower and fed into a trolley on rear side covered by a wire net. For recovering the left grains from the straw, a sieve system is provided below the concave.

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Quick Details

Straw Reaper is used to make straw from stubbles of wheat after combine harvest. All its components are systematically matched to make efficient use of tractor power & save fuel. The Dasmesh straw reaper shows their quality by their performance, efficiency & durability.

Special Features:

  • Heavy Duty Gear Box. Reaper is running without load.
  • Special Hand lever provided for Concave Adjustment & Operating stone trap tray.
  • Threshing drum contains 216 blades.
  • Specially Designed Tampered Blades made of High Quality Steel.
  • Gear helps it to Work Smoothly & Efficiently.
  • Frame made of Heavy Duty Pipes.
  • Export Quality Heavy Duty Gear Box.
  • Nuts & Bolts made of High Tensile Steel.
  • Every part made with Computerized CNC machine.
  • Double Blower.
  • Grain Tank Provided for Grain Storage from waste.
  • Stone Trap Tray provided for safety of machine.
  • Free Spare parts & tool kit.
  • Spares are available in all places.

Technical Specifications

Chassis 56" (1423 mm)
Thresher Dia. 20" (508 mm)
Cutting Mechanism
CutterBar Width 7 Feet (2134)
Tyres 6.50.20
Double Blower
Grain Tank provided for grain storage from waste. Stone trap tray provided for safety of machine.
Overall Dimensions (in Transporting)
Length 3370 mm
Width 2450 mm
HeightWeight 2150 mm
1800 Kg
Cutting Capacity 1-2 Acres per hours

Supply Ability